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Understanding your professional needs has helped Tapco Tools deliver advanced sheet metal brakes and integrated tool systems that are lighter, faster, stronger, versatile, and extremely reliable. We provide easier bending, safer cutting, faster slitting, and near-effortless roll forming for standout trim aesthetics. You’re able to fabricate pieces with an exacting fit for functional, home-protecting performance and the ultimate fine finish.
Metal Bending Machines Saw Tables & Slitters Accessories

Metal Bending Machines

Our full range of 26 bending machines feature varying lengths and bending capacities to meet your exact needs.

Pro 14

Pro 19



Saw Tables & Slitters

Every Tapco Saw Table features a free-floating saw boom for efficiency and flexibility, a captured saw track for safe, secure operation, and lightweight frame system. Tapco Slitters offer precision and easy transport, with capabilities for single or multiple cuts, rib-forming and perforation.

ProTrax™ Saw Table

MaxTrax™ Saw Table

Port-O-Slitter® 24″ System

ProTrax™ Deck Extender Kit


Our family of accessories completes your Tapco Tool System, integrating easy measurement, maximum portability and enhanced safety.

Angle Gauge

Brake Buddy

Curling Attachment


Power Cut-Off

Power Cut-Off Adjustable Guide

PRO Coiler

Pro Cut-Off Gauge


Snap Stands

Wheel Kit