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Providing the profitable edge.
We’ve stood next to professional siding applicators on jobsites for 50 years. A pioneer in the industry’s infancy, we’re still next to you and always innovating. Tapco Integrated Tool Systems offers the most comprehensive selection of brakes and slitting, shearing, sawing and roll-forming tools to bring you the exact bending power and capabilities you need to succeed faster.
A Tapco Tool System delivers unrivalled efficiency. Set-up is a breeze. Bends are quick and smooth. Measuring is simple. Cutting and slitting are safer and more precise. With easier, faster and better-looking jobs, a Tapco Tool System is an investment that quickly pays for itself and leads to enhanced profitability.
Our tools handle a wide variety of materials and thicknesses, from vinyl and soft aluminium to 16 ga. (1.29mm) sheet aluminium, 32 oz. (1mm) annealed copper and painted, galvanized steel. Soffit, fascia, sill trim, roof flashings, gutter aprons and window casings are all made easy. Tapco metal bending machines have the power, versatility and portability for a full range of residential and commercial applications, from Kynar-coated steel wall panels to HVAC ductwork.
It all starts with our metal bending machines. Our selection of 16 machines includes various lengths, ranges from light to heavy-duty commercial, and features innovations like our patented Moving Pivot Hinge, 180-degree hemming capability, enhanced ergonomics and computer-designed, reinforced construction. Tapco’s selection of coilers, slitters, roller shears and saw tables further streamlines your efficiency, creating value and saving time.
And with Tapco’s unique customisation tools, you can deliver individuality and style to any siding job. The Brake Buddy roll-former allows you to make customised J-Channels, decorative bends and strengthening ribs in fascia, window trims, frieze boards, porch posts and beams. These unique details add value that distinguishes your work and your customers’ homes.